What is the difference between GV and GX?

The primary difference between the GX and GV series contactors is that the GX uses a ceramic seal while the GV uses an epoxy seal.  Both are hermetically sealed and offer superior performance over unsealed contactors.
  •  The GV series has an epoxy seal, is filled with nitrogen, and has a terminal withstand temperature of 150C.
  •  The GX series has a ceramic seal, is filled with hydrogen, and has a terminal withstand temperature of 175C.
As a result, the GX series has slightly lower contact resistance due to different gas fill, can break slightly higher fault interrupt loads, and can sustain slightly higher max terminal temperatures.  All GIGAVAC contactors have different performance characterictis so it's important to refer to the corresponding datasheet for more details.  Note: The GV200 is an exeption.  Despite the "GV" name, the GV200 is a ceramic sealed contactor.