Sponsorship Opportunities (North America)

Note: For sponsorship’s outside North America please work through our sales office based on your country of origin

Sales Offices: http://www.gigavac.com/sales-office

GIGAVAC has grown considerably over the past 15 years, so have the number of sponsorship requests. We hope to support as many projects as possible and to do so; we need to simplify the sponsorship process.

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QTY: 3 GV240 series contactors (part numbers of your choice)
QTY: 1 P115 contactor (pre-charge contactor)
QTY: 1 PNC113 contactor (capacitor discharge contactor)
Free shipping
Note: We need complete part numbers for each part. (see last page of datasheets for complete part #'s) Datasheets are listed here.

We will not enter your order without complete part #’s.

Any GIGAVAC Part # offered at a discount price (flat rate)
Shipping not included.

We will not enter your order without complete part #’s.

Terms for sponsorship: We ask that you acknowledge GIGAVAC in some way or form only if you feel compelled to do so. This can be in in any way whether a sticker is applied to your project, being mentioned in the relevant publication, website, etc. We do not support formal sponsorship contracts (for example) where we donate a certain value of product in exchange for a specified level of publicity. You are all equally special and our donations are designed to support as many people as possible. We kindly ask no mix and matching of the 2 options above, The EV package should cover most systems but please provide feedback if there are other part numbers more applicable.

Sponsorship Logos for Public Use:
Black Logo
Blue-red Logo
Gradient Logo
Tagline Logo

Note: If for some reason the 2 options above do not suit the needs of your project please contact us and we can discuss further.

Thank you and best regards