Press Releases*

Date Title
September 24, 2018 Sensata Technologies Strengthens Position in Electrification through Acquisition of GIGAVAC
April 17, 2017 New 1,500vdc UL/IEC Certified Contactors Hermitically Sealed for Safe Reliable Switching
May 25, 2016 Introducing the HX460 High Power Contactor
December 17, 2015 PCB Mount P125 MiniTACTOR™ Released
January 01, 2015 P115 MiniTACTOR™ now UL Certified!
May 19, 2014 GIGAVAC Announces Hermetically Sealed Battery Disconnects
March 09, 2014 GIGAVAC Rounds Out High Voltage Switching Line - New Compact Contactors Ideal for Solar Applications to 1500Vdc
January 09, 2014 New Sealed High Power Contactor from GIGAVAC - Ideal for High Current DC Switching
November 13, 2013 GIGAVAC Announces Compact High Voltage Contactor
September 25, 2013 GIGAVAC Power Products Now CE Compliant
July 10, 2013 G24WF Debuts — 20kV Double Pole Double Throw High Voltage Relay
November 26, 2012 GIGAVAC MX110 — A New Addition to EPIC Sealed Contactor Line
August 27, 2012 G53WF Debuts — 20kV Double Pole Double Throw (DPDT) Ceramic High Voltage Relay
May 16, 2012 GIGAVAC Announces the MX56 - A Sealed, Side Mount Contactor
May 04, 2011 GIGAVAC Debuts 15kV Double Pole Double Throw (DPDT) High Voltage Relay Series with Models G2SPD, G8SPD and G15SPD
April 14, 2010 GXL14: First Release in New Line of Latching Contactors
March 30, 2010 New GIGAVAC GX16 - 600 Amp Sealed Contactor is 3 Inches Tall & Safely Switches 12-750 volts DC & A
January 13, 2010 GIGAVAC names Markus Beck as Vice President of Defense Products
March 16, 2009 GIGAVAC GXNC14 – Normally Closed 350 Amp Sealed Contactor – Safely switches 12 to 750 volts DC and AC
January 30, 2009 The new GX14 350 Amp high efficiency “Cut-Throat” Contactor - Safely switch up to 750 volts DC and AC
December 02, 2008 GIGAVAC Debuts 350+ AMP GX200 Sealed Contactor
October 02, 2008 Revolutionary New High Efficiency Coil Options Require Only 1.1 Watts to Power Switch up to 750 Volts AC or DC
April 04, 2008 GIGAVAC and Richardson Electronics Enter into Distribution Agreement for Australia
March 24, 2008 G23 Debuts —First 15kV Double Pole Double Throw (DPDT) Ceramic High Voltage Relay
January 07, 2008 GIGAVAC Announces G18 - Innovative 15 KV Vacuum Relay has Internal Shield for Increased Life
October 16, 2007 GIGAVAC First to Offer Line of Fully Compliant RoHS High Voltage Relays
August 02, 2007 New GX12 High Current 225 Amp EPIC® Sealed Contactor Can Safely Switch Up to 750 Volts DC and AC
January 23, 2007 GX11 High Current 150 Amp EPIC™ Sealed Contactor Debuts
August 12, 2006 Avionics Magazine - 270-Volt DC Contactor Solves Cost vs Performance Problems
June 12, 2006 LEACH and GIGAVAC Develop New Family of 270 Vdc Aerospace Contactors
March 31, 2006 GIGAVAC welcomes 42-year industry expert Bob Hansen as Chief Scientist
August 01, 2005 G20 & G22 - New Powerful High Voltage 25kV+ Relays 40% Lower Cost Than Previous Sole Source Vendor
June 30, 2005 The G9 - New Innovative 15kV High Voltage Relay Reduces Cost & Size in 30-75 Amp Applications
May 23, 2005 10 New Latching High Voltage Relays Now Available
March 03, 2005 The G13 - New 15 kV DPDT Relay Solves High Current Switching Issues
February 10, 2005 G12 Debuts - A New DPDT Sealed 8kV Relay Suited for Polarity Reversal
February 07, 2005 GIGA NEWS - Latest product and application information - Special Amateur radio "HAM" relays, Gas filled relay discussion, New G12 DPDT relay, New G52 high current 25kV relay, New G17 Defibrillator relay, G71 70kV priced lower than competitions 35kV relay.
January 12, 2005 Introducing the G71 - New Small 70 kV Gas-Filled Relay Sealed for Safety
June 11, 2004 Three New High Voltage RF Relays Offered Exclusively to Amateur Radio Operators
April 13, 2004 Size does matter! New 150A 25kV relay cuts system cost for relays in half
March 24, 2004 New 35 kV 12 A Relay Ready for User Potting - Saves Time, Space & Money
December 12, 2003 Newsletter by GIGAVAC with new products and high voltage relay application information
November 10, 2003 New 10 kV, 20 Amp G81 Printed Circuit Board HV Relay carries four times the current of reed relays
October 22, 2003 New Low Profile 18 Amp, 3.5 kV GH3 Relay Solves Packaging Problems
May 05, 2003 Twenty-five Percent Discount on high voltage relays offered by GIGAVAC
May 05, 2003 User Changeable Relay Coils on New GIGAVAC High Voltage Relays
April 17, 2003 GIGAVAC Introduces the New 10 kV Panel Mount G81
March 11, 2003 Santa Barbara News-Press - A Rival is Born, David against Goliath
February 25, 2003 GIGAVAC Forms to Market High Voltage Relays