GIGAVAC Patended EPIC® Technology

The GIGAVAC Extended Performance Impervious Ceramic (EPIC®) sealing technology is a major break through in low-cost, high quality sealing of contactors and relays.  Prior to this technology contactors and relays used either 1) all-ceramic envelopes which are very expensive, 2) glass to metal seals which do not provide true seals over long periods of time, or 3) epoxy and plastic seals that do not provide the high temperature ratings or the micro-sealing needed to use high performance back fill gasses such as H2.

Many industrial applications today such as solar, fuel cells, micro-turbines, hybrid and electric vehicles, and other high performance critical applications have migrated to HVDC systems requiring high voltage/high power switching.

When you buy any GIGAVAC GX Series, MX Series, or HX series EPIC® sealed contactor, you get superior proven technology, priced for industrial applications, equal to or less than the cost of open-air or low quality epoxy/plastic semi-sealed contactors.  Ceramic sealed contaactors work in almost any environment, even under water.