Difference between P105 and P115/P195

The P105 uses an EVOH housing material which is not UL Recognized.  In order to achieve UL, Gigavac created the P115 and P195 which use Zytel as the housing material.  From an electrical performance perspective the P105 and P115 are identical.  The P195 has a stiffer spring allowing higher current carry.  Zytel has stronger thermal properties so the P115 and P195 have slightly higher temperature capabilities as well.  There is also a slight variation to the dimensions of the units due to Zytel requiring a different mold.  The Zytel housing is thicker to prevent thermal deflection.  At most, a mounting hole might need to be moved to convert from P105 to P115/P195.  There are no plans to discontinue the P105 at this time.