The GX Series

The GIGAVAC GX Series is hermetically sealed using our patented ceramic header.  GX contactors can switch DC loads up to 800VDC.  These small RoHS compliant contactors can be mounted in any position and can be used in nearly any harsh environment including under water and at temperatures from –55°C to 85°C.  They are the preferred contactor (a.k.a. relay or solenoid) for heavy trucks and equipment, buses, emergency vehicles, electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, boats, light rail, mining, oil and factory automation, power management systems for battery charging, fuel cells, battery backup, solar, wind, and wave power systems where long life and high reliability are essential.  Most are cRUus recognized.

For relays rated from 1.5KV up to 70KV, visit the GIGAVAC line of HV relays.