High Voltage Relays

The largest selection of high voltage relays in the world

GIGAVAC brings you decades of experience in the engineering, manufacturing, testing, and application of high voltage relays. This experience is offered to you as a free resource when selecting a High Voltage Relay.  We will spend the time to guide you through all of the possible selections and tradeoffs. You can then make an informed decision based on performance and price. Our online Application Notes available 24/365 help explain the finer points surrounding High Voltage Relays as well as our Power Products.

Once you choose a High Voltage Relay for your application GIGAVAC makes the purchase easy. GIGAVAC has the largest selection of High Voltage Relays in the world in stock!  And, with GIGAVAC Direct, North American deliveries can are made directly from our warehouse in California. Plus, our Distributors throughout the rest of the world can make purchasing any GIGAVAC product the easiest transaction you make.

Single Pole Single Throw
Single pole Single Throw relays are available in normally open, NO, and normally closed, NC, versions.
Single Pole Double Throw
Single pole Double Throw relays offer the functionality of both a normally open and normally closed relay in one unit.
Double Pole Double Throw
For complex circuits double pole Double Throw relays combine two SPDT relays operated with one coil.
Latching Bi-Stable
Latching relays provide switching using a momentary pulse to the coil providing power saving necessary for many applications.