There are a range of contactor applications that also use motor controllers (to control electric motors). These can include electric vehicles, electric forklifts, automated guided vehicles and other applications.

The motor controllers often control the contactor. Some motor controllers have automatically built in coil suppression because many contactors do not have this as a standard feature (unlike GIGAVAC). Since most GIGAVAC switches are not compatible with external suppression diodes, using GIGAVAC contactors in applications with motor controllers can cause performance problems. We have seen this with some customers using Curtis controllers to power GIGAVAC contactors.

The solution includes 2 steps:

  1. The customer should use a GIGAVAC contactor with M or N coil designation (internal PWM circuit). For example, GV200MA or GV200MAB.
  2. The output signal of the controller (Curtis or other brand) should be set to 100%.

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