Some contactors are used in applications that are controlled by a motor controller.  These can include electric vehicles, forklifts, automated guided vehicles, and other similar applications.

Some motor controllers (Curtis, for example) have built-in contactor coil suppression because many low cost contactors on the market today do not have coil-suppression built-in.  Sometimes this coil suppression cannot be removed or disabled in the motor controller.  Since most GIGAVAC contactors have built-in coil suppression, they are not compatible with external suppression. Using GIGAVAC contactors in applications with some motor controllers can cause contactor performance issues.

The solution includes two steps:

  1. Consider using a GIGAVAC contactor with a M or N coil designation (internal PWM circuit).  For example: GV200MA or GV200MAB.
  2. Set the output contactor control signal of the motor controller to 100% duty cycle. 

Please contact GIGAVAC if you have additional questions.