For all GIGAVAC GV, GX, MX, and HX contactors, the power terminals are labeled positive (+) and negative (-). This designation is intended to guide in the proper installation of the product. The contactors use blow-out magnets for breaking loads – a feature especially important for breaking loads of 48V and higher. The blow-out magnets are designed for a specific direction of current flow. Incorrect installation can limit or negate the benefit of the blow-out magnets and may potentially decrease the life cycle of the contactor significantly.

Especially in applications where voltages exceed 48V, care should be taken to install the contactors in the proper direction. The contactor should be installed so that current flows into the positive (+) terminal and out of the negative (-) terminal.

If you have any questions, please contact the GIGAVAC factory for additional assistance and feedback.

Direction of Current Flow for GIGAVAC Contactors