Accessories & Complementary Products


Many of our customers have asked for the names of companies who supply products that are complementary to GIGAVAC’s. We are not experts with these products but have compiled the following list based on recommendations from our customers and friends. If you know of a company that you think others would like to know about, let us know and we may add them to this list.

GIGAVAC does not endorse these companies nor do we make any warranties or do we recommend them. Their names are provided only for your convenience and you should evaluate these companies as you would any company who you have not done business with before. Caveat Emptor!

Connectors, high current, DC, 100 to 1,000 amps & 1,500 volts

Connectors, high voltage

Power Supplies, high voltage

  • UltraVolt, A manufacturer of more than 400, DC to DC modular and rack mount high voltage power supplies. Products range from 62V to 40kV and from 4W to 250W.

Relay(s), Aerospace TO-5 style


  • Riedon provides businesses with extremely stable, high-quality, cutting edge resistors

Wire, high voltage


HV Relays Directory This site contains the same information we have on our home page It lists the names of the world's leading suppliers of high voltage relays.


MIL-R-83725 –A good reference document for defining high voltage relay specifications but this is all. It is lacking in a lot of areas compared to most relay specifications and is the minimum requirements for relays made by a reputable high voltage relay manufacturer. Slash sheets available from