Sponsorship Opportunities

Here at GIGAVAC, we appreciate and are committed to supporting students, hobbyists and organizations alike that have passion for science and engineering. We hope to build a long term relationship with each and every one of you. GIGAVAC has grown considerably over the past 15 years, so have the number of sponsorship requests. We hope to support as many projects as possible and to do so; we need to simplify the sponsorship process.

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QTY: 3 GV240 series contactors (part numbers of your choice)
QTY: 1 P115 contactor (pre-charge contactor)
QTY: 1 PNC113 contactor (capacitor discharge contactor)
QTY: 1 HBD41 Manual disconnect (voltage isolator for servicing)
Free shipping
Note: We need complete part numbers for each part. (see last page of datasheets for complete part #'s) Datasheets are listed here.

We will not enter your order without complete part #’s.

Any GIGAVAC Part # offered at a discount price (flat rate)
Shipping not included.

We will not enter your order without complete part #’s.

Terms for sponsorship: We ask that you acknowledge GIGAVAC in some way or form only if you feel compelled to do so. This can be in in any way whether a sticker is applied to your project, being mentioned in the relevant publication, website, etc. We do not support formal sponsorship contracts (for example) where we donate a certain value of product in exchange for a specified level of publicity. You are all equally special and our donations are designed to support as many people as possible. We kindly ask no mix and matching of the 2 options above, The EV package should cover most systems but please provide feedback if there are other part numbers more applicable.

Sponsorship Logos for Public Use:
Black Logo
Blue-red Logo
Gradient Logo
Tagline Logo

Note: If for some reason the 2 options above do not suit the needs of your project please contact us and we can discuss further.

Thank you and best regards,